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Interview Midori Hirano
By Linza, on 2009-02-11 22:50 - Translation : Linza
Midori Hirano writes and plays her own music. She's one of those jewels who really deserve more attention, but who finally manage to spread their art thanks to Internet. This artist kindly agreed to answer my questions a few months after the release of her second album, and a few weeks before her new european tour.
Midori Hirano
■  mimu : Hello, thanks for accepting this interview request, can you introduce yourself for people who don’t know you yet ?
Midori Hirano : Hello, my name is Midori Hirano, originally from Japan and now based in Berlin. I’m composing and I play music. The main instrument on my music is the Piano, but I like to play different types of keyboards, too. And also editing sounds on computer is an important component of my works.

■  m : You compose a very elaborate and hybrid music, how can you define your work ?
MH : Thank you. Well, everytime people ask me what kind of music I’m making, I tell them my music is kind of “Electro-Acoustic” which is sometimes related to Classical music. I’m not sure how I can say more than that. :)

■  m : Two years after your first full album, your second one, klo:yuri, was released in October, can you tell me more about it ?
MH : On my second album, I put more electronic sounds than in the first one and I tried to mix them with acoustic sounds such as Violin, Cello and guitars as well so that I portrayed my imagination and colors in that album.

Midori Hirano
■  m : In your Biography, we can read that you turned very early to overseas, particularly to Europe, is there a reason?
MH : My first EP was released from European label(in Luxembourg), and I got a chance to play there after that. So that’s why it happened for the first time.
And also playing in overseas is always fun. That says it all.

■  m : Why did you decide to work and compose both in Japan and Europe ?
MH : ...Because there are many connections between Europe and Japan nowadays.
Internet makes us close, right ? :)

■  m : Pictures seem to have an important role in your work, you compose for movies, documentaries, and there is a unique and personnal graphic world on your cover or video.
MH : Is this your question? But anyway, I want to say thank you!
Yes, I like the combination of Music and Images.
Those sometimes can make miracles.

■  m : About your last video, it was made by Nobuko Hori, she is also a talented electronic composer, how did you meet her and how did you start to work together?
MH : I met her in 2005 for the first time when I played with French artists in Kyoto. She was there and came up to me to say hello after the show. Since then, we got to be close friends and I really liked her video works as well as her music. So I asked her to make a video for one of my track “Feathers” from my second album. I’m really happy with the result !

Midori Hirano
■  m : You share your first european tour with Hashimoto Kazumasa, who has a more acoustic sound than yours, how does this collaboration work, and sharing of the stage ?
MH : We always played separately because we were both solo artists, so there were no collaboration between us in a tour. Both of Hashimoto and me are releasing from same label, and our tour this time(Nov./2008) was a label showcase tour so that’s why we were touring together. As for the tour with him, he gave me a lot of inspiration about performance and playing at each stages we played. That was precious time for me.

■  m : You will have several gigs in France in March, these concerts in France being part of your second European tour. Will there be any surprises and difference compared to the first?
MH : Yes, you’ll see..!

■  m : 4 years ago, you had the opportunity to play live in Luxembourg, do you feel a difference between your Japanese and European audience ?
MH : In my opinion, Japanese audience usually keep staying quiet even if they don’t like my music they are hearing at the show. But European people often start chatting when they think they don’t like my music, and on the other hand, they come to me to say something good clearly if they like my play. So I think it’s easier to understand about how Europeans think or feel about what they are hearing.

■  m : After this tour, can we have the opportunity to buy your albums in some shops in Europe ?
MH : I’m not sure about it at all..sorry for that !! It depends on how my label will be able to work with European distributors. So I hope they can make it in the near future.
But of course some of my records will be available to buy at my shows in March in Europe, so please come if you were around then !

■  m : Thanks a lot for your time.

Don't forget Midori Hirano has plenty of concerts scheduled in March and April 2009 in Europe. If you want to discover her music and videos, you may pay a visit to her MySpace officiel, and her official website.

Thanks to Midori Hirano for her kindness and her music, and to Claude Yoshizawa for his help.