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  • Posted by janiine on 2009-07-03 21:00 - Translation : janiine

    Wednesday, the 1st of July was a very special day, for fans of Crystal Kay's as well as for pop-rock lovers ! Indeed, the NANO-MUGEN COMPILATION 2009 was finally released !! .

    Since 2003, famous rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation has been organising the NANO-MUGEN Festival, which brings together Japanese major and breakthrough artists, like Straightener (who participates every year), ELLEGARDEN, Art-School, Going Under Ground et Ash. International bands started to come in 2006 : The Rentals, Phantom Planet, Hellogoodbye, Third Eye Blind and more have set foot on the festival stages.

    In order to get prepared to the 2009 edition, that will take place on July 19-20 at the Yokohama Arena, or for those who cannot travel to Japan, this album is composed of 17 songs played by the 14 performers who will do the show and three other groups (LOSTAGE, Gregory and the Hawk, mudy on the sakuban). There are excellent tracks by OGRE YOU ASSHOLE (Pinhole), Spitz (8823) and AKFG (Yoru no Call).

    Tracklist :

    1. Yoru no Call -- ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION
    2. Zak and Sara -- BEN FOLDS
    3. Streotypes -- FARRAH
    4. Oats We Sow -- GREGORY AND THE HAWK
    5. Suburban Knights -- HARD-FI
    6. Silver Birch -- THE HIATUS
    7. Morning Sun -- RYUJIN KIYOSHI
    8. Surrender -- LOSTAGE
    9. Everything Must Go -- MANIC STREET PREACHERS
    10. marm -- MUDY ON THE SAKUBAN
    11. Weightless -- NADA SURF
    12. Pinhole -- OGRE YOU ASSHOLE
    13. Night Fishing Is Good -- SAKANACTION
    14. 8823 -- SPITZ
    15. Magic Blue Van -- STRAIGHTENER
    16. Rock Star -Understand- -- THE YOUNG PUNX!
    17. Hello (Yomigaeru – Live version) -- UNICORN

    Album available in standard edition and in limited edition (with a T-shirt !) on CD Japan.
    Album also available in standard edition and in limited edition on YesAsia.

    Full list of the NANO-MUGEN FES groups here
    Festival's official website (in English) : http://www.nano-mugenfes.com/09/en/